The Extraction of a Tooth

How can we repair or  Restore Damaged Teeth?

Many people ponder about the periodontal condition surrounding their teeth and have questions whether to preserve or remove their teeth in time of discomfort.  Our first goal is to preserve the bony structure surrounding the tooth.  In some cases, this is not an option due to a loose or badly decayed tooth.  Therefore, the tooth has to be extracted.  At Affordable Smiles Ebro Florida we do teeth extractions.

What does  Extraction of a tooth mean?

Extraction of a tooth is a gentle methodical process of painlessly removing a tooth out of the gums.  The main cause of having a tooth extracted is usually a severe decay or periodontal or gum condition that has left the tooth with little support thus creating major discomfort.

Sometimes, teeth need to be extracted for the purpose of having Orthodontic treatment or an impaction of a third molar often times called a wisdom tooth. Often, tooth extractions are performed on teeth that are impacted, which means they were not able to erupt through the gums

When do we need to Extract a  Tooth?

Several reasons can be given for a needed tooth extraction.  The most common reasons are as follows:

  • A severe tooth ache
  • A loose or periodontally involved tooth
  • An Infection resulting in an abscess above the tooth
  • A Periodontal condition or pyorrhea that caused damage to the supporting bone structure of the the tooth
  • A wisdom tooth or third molar that is impacted
  • are the benefits of Tooth Extraction?

Are there benefits in Extracting a tooth?

Most often many  people are medically ill due to Diabetes or swollen from an abscess.  These medical conditions can cause bacteria to enter into the bloodstream that can lodge in the heart and risk a bacteremia.  The infection can also spread beyond the gums and  into the soft tissues of the mouth affecting breathing and swallowing. Removing the infected tooth will help alleviate these symptoms and assist the person to return to a state of health over the course of several days.

Who performs the Extractions?

At Affordable Smiles Ebro Florida, Dr. Gary Turnier with extensive surgical training will perform most of the extractions.  After he evaluates the x-ray and  does a clinical examination of your mouth, Dr. Turnier will be able to determine whether the tooth will require a simple or surgical extraction.  After providing the necessary anesthesia that will numb the area and offer you completely comfort and free of pain, only then Dr. Turnier will proceed in removing the tooth for you.

At Affodable Smiles Ebro Florida we provide thorough written instructions and prescribe the necessary pain medications that will help keep you comfortable while the healing process continues over the course of several days.  You can always call us if you have any questions about you visit or how long should you wait before eating.

Where can I obtain Information about  a Tooth Extraction?

Dr. Gary Turnier is a talemted restorative dentist, would welcome the opportunity to discuss the extraction procedure with you in Ebro Florida.  Please don’t hesitate to call us at 850-460-1460 or schedule and appointment on a weekday or Saturday in our Walton County Office.